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Friday, February 02, 2007

Once Only, Only Once.....a Year?

Well, where do I start? I guess I would like to start by wishing you all a Happy Groundhog Day, Happy Valentines day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Years.....now that I'm caught up I would like to fill you in on my last year.....Over this past year...my feelings about blogging haven't changed, I still don't like it! Probably never will, but I'm ok with that. Kudos to those of you who blogged faithfully all year and to those of you who made a new years resolution to be more faithful in your blogging....let's be honest, why? Back to you faithful bloggers for a moment: I bet that over this past year your wpm has increased by 10% - hats off to you!! Ummm....I don't really know what to write but I feel obliged to write more. Oh, Kirk just checked the tracker on this thing and someone has been checking my blog everyday for the last year....UNBELIEVABLE (head shake, head shake)!! What where they expecting? Ok, it's time for those of you who came back more than once to admit it, besides AJ Thomas cause he already told me he was back twice, and boy was I ticked. Anyway, this blog goes out to whoever it is that has been coming back...however, I would like to remind them of this years title Once Only, Only Once......a Year? So please I beg of you don't waste your time; spend time with your family, friends, spend time checking other people's blogs, put together a puzzle, walk your dog, buy a dog, check your email again, watch the 'sound of music,' take up a new hobby - brush your teeth, do something other than coming back here...if you get an inkling that perhaps there might be a another post....call me and we will read this post together! Happy Blogging to you all!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

This will be my only post ever!

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I am not a blogger...never will be....never really want to be. I have entitled my blog 'Once Only' because it will be, only once, that i will post. So after you are done reading this post, guess what? That's it! And if you come back again guess what you find? The exact same thing! And for some reason if you come back a third time let me say this, you'll find more surprises on your own blog!! Thanks for dropping in. While you are here feel free to explore my blog in it's entirety...but if you want me to save you the time, you will find nothing under every heading. Oh, and If you see a picture of me on this blog it's either because i got really ambitious or i let Kirk do it for me to 'spice it up a bit.' I hope my blog was 'all you hoped it would be and more,' if it wasn't....sadly, you won't be back....if it was 'all you hoped it would be and more,' then kindly don't come back. Have a great life as a blogger cause my time has come to an end. Thanks for including me in your blogging world it was thrilling for the whole half hour that it took me to write this post. Lastly, i know some of you use other blogger's sites as springboards to other blogs, my blog however, is pretty much useless for this unless you want to read up on the antics of my Sr. Pastor. And if that is the case feel free to come and go as you please. However, if you are coming here for MY blog let me lightly smack you on the wrist and remind you of my blog title, "Once Only!"

Once Only, Only Once,